Stunning 60’s Black Dress $20.00

Stunning ‘Miss Executive’ black 60’s style dress. This a-line dress features stunning long cuffs, a mandarin style collar and a large red belt. Dress can we work with or without the belt. Looks Japanese with the belt and vintage 60’s without. Approx Women’s Small


Awesome vintage, 60’s black A-line dress with a large red belt. This dress looks like it is from Japan in the 60’s!

  • Excellent condition

  • A-line cut

  • Zipper up the back

  • Belt:

    • 27 in/ 69 cm long

    • 6 in / 15 cm wide

  • Dress:

    • 35 in/ 89 cm Bust

    • 27 in/  69 cm Waist

    • 29 in/ 74 cm Sleeve

    • 39.5 in/ 100 cm Length

How is this product socially responsible? It is vintage and therefore eco-friendly.

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