Hidden Baby handbags are the creation of the Montague sisters - Kelsey, an artist and filmmaker, and Courtney, co-founder of a foundation helping impoverished children around the world.           

Originally from Colorado, the sisters spent years on different continents as Kelsey studied art and attended university in Europe, and Courtney worked at her foundation headquarters in New Zealand.

In 2008, while Courtney was working with her partners in Kenya, Kelsey joined her sister to film a documentary about international volunteers.                                                                              

In Kenya the sisters chronicled the stories of extraordinary community leaders working hard to provide safe and stable homes for abandoned and orphaned babies - babies hidden away from society’s sight.  Upon returning to the U.S. Courtney and Kelsey realized that the same situation occurs in America. Many babies are living in abusive, neglectful conditions in American communities, and facing the same dangerous side effects of malnutrition and developmental delays.

Babies who are hidden from society’s sight suffer in silence. The sisters wanted to change that.

In 2010, together again in New York City, the sisters decided to combine their passions for art, blogging and helping babies by starting a social business that creates handbags featuring Kelsey’s unique art, each with a baby hidden in the design. Please visit The Baby Project page to find out how Hidden Baby is helping babies-in-need.








Hidden Baby handbags are made of environmentally friendly materials

A portion of Hidden Baby Bag profits is donated to our partners helping babies-in-need.



Giraffe Bag

Style GRAF


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