Courtney Montague

After graduating from the American University of Paris in 2004, Courtney traveled to New Zealand to join the Global Volunteer Network (GVN).  A year later, she co-founded the Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVNF) which has raised over a million dollars to help impoverished children around the world - from building schools in Uganda and immunizing children in Nepal, to paying school fees for children in Kenya and Peru. Courtney raised additional funds by leading teams of volunteers on hiking expeditions to Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest Base Camp.

Courtney served as the GVNF representative to the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council, and developed the GVNF ‘Be the Change’ program - weeklong workshops around the world to help social entrepreneurs learn how to effect social change.

After receiving the Catherine B. Reynolds Fellowship, Courtney earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

And then came Hidden Baby- a socially conscious fashion accessory line and blog…

Soon after returning from Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, Courtney and her sister were spending a weekend at home in Colorado, and the talk turned to dreams and goals.

We want to work together, was the immediate consensus. To combine our love of art, fashion blogs and fashion, with our passion for helping the helpless.

After a year-and-a-half of designing, developing, blogging and praying, the dream became a reality and Hidden Baby was born (apologize for the pun)!