Wow. We've officially hit that awkward time between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. There's way too much stress in the air, it takes hours to get a parking spot at the mall, and we're desperate for our winter vacation to start. To make your Friday a tad bit more enjoyable, we're introducing the lovely duo behind Bag the Habit. Hellooooo Liz Long + Holly Tienken. The two of them have created BTH, a company aimed at creating reuseable shopping bags and products to reduce the amount of waste in landfills (hint - this is super close to our vintage mission!). 

    How did you ladies decide to start Bag the Habit? What sparked the idea of reusable bags?

    We met in a tea shop in 2007. I was working behind the counter and Holly was a customer. I'd seen reusable bags becoming popular in Europe and thought it was something that should be more common in the US. Knowing Holly was a graphic designer, I asked her if she'd like to collaborate on the project and she agreed! 

    Why is it so important for consumers today be to aware of the type of bag they are using when they do their day-to-day shopping?

    It's unbelievable how many paper and plastic bags are wasted each year...in the trillions. And when you add this to all the other disposable product waste like cups, napkins, cutlery etc, the quantities are even more staggering. There are more  plastic pieces in parts of the ocean than there are plankton (the basis of the food chain). That's a scary thought! The over-use of disposables wastes precious resources, clogs both landfills and oceans with toxic waste, and reinforces patterns of thoughtless consumption. 

    You ladies also started the We Create The Future education program.What's the basis behind the program and why is it so important for kids to know reusable products?

    Most of the behaviors we associate with negative environmental impacts are simply habits. They can be corrected, but with adults it's more difficult to change an everyday pattern. With kids however, we can teach them positive habits from the beginning.

    Besides updating your website (which looks AWESOME!), can you share what we can expect down the line from your ladies? 

    Well, we have a new 'reusable solution' coming out next year. I can't say what, but we'll be replacing plastic in an area outside of shopping. :) 

    Make sure to follow BTH on Facebook for all product updates!

    XO Saphira

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