• Perfect Fall Layers

    It is most definitely Fall outside. The leaves are starting to turn and there is a slight nip when the wind comes through. Not to mention, the temperatures are starting to fall during the night, big time. 

    While I love this time of year (hellooo amazing Instagram pictures...), it's sometimes hard to dress for. It's cold in the mornings, yet by the afternoon, it's a completely different ball game when the sun is right above. Below are some key pieces to layer up in the morning to keep you cozy, but easy to take off in the afternoon when it's warmed up a bit.

    • Cardigan - the most crucial fall piece. Cardigans have a few benefits: 1. They're always in style 2. They fit easily under jackets (if it's cold enough out to need both) 3. They can be dressed either up or down. Go out a get a few cardigans in classic colors and you'll be set

    • Leather Jacket - always a staple. Let's be honest... leather jackets never will go out of style. They're the perfect stylish jacket to throw over basically any outfit when you're running out the door. They also work wonders for when you're going out to Happy Hour in the evening with the girls and need a jacket as it'll be chilly when the sun drops

    [[Faux (Vegan) Leather Jacket]]

    • Scarves - not just for winter. Not to be cliche, but every woman needs a scarf. Whether it's a straight scarf or an infinity circle, go out and grab yourself one. They look cute AND take care of having your neck freezing when the wind rips through you. Hit up Pinterest for some cute ways to style them. 

    [[Afghanistan Scarf, Khamak Embroidery]]

    • Booties - not exactly a layer... But they do work wonderfully in the fall. Booties have the ability to be worn with leggings, pants, or skirts/dresses, so no matter what the weather is calling for that day, booties will have your back.

    [[Black Leather Ankle Boots]]

    Snap a picture of you in your favorite fall layered look and use the hashtag #NVFavoritesofFall for us all to see!

    XO Saphira

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