Happy Friday, y'all! The temperatures are starting to drop and you know what that means....fall is right around the corner! But not to fret, we'll be giving you ladies some great fall tips and treats as the season changes.

    Right now, I have the pleasure of introducing Monica Olivas, the lovely (and fast) lady behind Run, Eat, Repeat. If you are a runner, you have for sure heard of Monica's blog and if you haven't, you might live under and rock [[and need to lace up your shoes and run right over to her site]] She's got one of the greatest fitness/foodie/fashion/travel blogs out there. If you need running inspiration, Monica is your go-to gal. From her frequent half and full-marathon run recaps, to tons of Instagram pictures that just make you want to get outside and follow it with some watermelon, she's got it all. I'll let her tell you more about herself thought :)

    N&V - You started Run, Eat, Repeat as a way to document your weight-loss journey, but it's become so much more than that. Did you ever expect that so many people would read it?

    Monica - Not at all! I never thought anyone but maybe my best friend would read Run Eat Repeat - it's a huge surprise and blessing that's it's grown into a sort of 'dream job' for me. 

    N&V -  Your blog has lead to you being a sponsored running and getting the ability to run races all over the country! (Which is super cool BTW). What other perks of running your own blog are there?

    Monica- Oh my gosh! Every time I get an offer to try something new or go to a race I feel so lucky. I've been able to meet fitness celebrities, try every shoe on the market, travel all around the US and more. Every time I go to a conference or race and meet people who read RunEatRepeat I realize I have friends all over the world - that is the best feeling because we have so much in common it's an instant connection. 

    N&V - Obviously, you're totally cool with sharing your personal journey, including all the ups and downs, online, which is something most people would think is scary and embarrassing. How did you get into the comfort zone where you can share the good, the bad, and the ugly?

    Monica- I went to therapy when I was in college and I just knew that I wouldn't get anything out of the experience if I wasn't fully honest.I got really comfortable telling a stranger personal, sometimes embarrassing and private things about myself.  I think that just carried over and it's how I express myself now - good, bad and ugly, it's all out there. 

    N&V - Your blog is much more than just running and eating -- it's now got fashion, travel, and your youtube videos! How do you balance your exercise and still having a normal, fun-loving lifestyle?

    Monica- I don't think I'm balanced at all - but in some weird way that in itself balances me out? Like, I run too much and eat too much and cuss too much and love too hard... but it ends up working out at the end of the day.Does that even make sense? Ha! 

    N&V - Outside of the running clothes, how would you describe your own personal style?

    Monica- California casual. I'm a SoCal girl through and through so easy to wear maxi dresses and messy hair and sandals - that's me. 

    Want to know more about Monica and how to become a kick-ass runner/person like she is? Check out her blog, FB, and Instagram (@RunEatRepeat) <-- So many AMAZING pictures there!

    XO Saphira


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