AND WE'RE BACK! Sorry for the lack of Kick-Ass Women posts last Friday -- it was a bit of a hectic week here at N&V...

    But we're back and better than ever this week! And we've got a lady we're sure you are all going to like. Introducing Wendy Dailey, one of the co-founders of iSanctuary (short for International Sanctuary). Their goal - to end human trafficking. How are they doing that? Well, they sell some pretty amazing goods that are handmade by survivors of trafficking. They currently have programs in both the US and India and we could not be bigger supporters of the brand. I got to speak with Wendy about iSanctuary and where the idea came from.

    1. How did you and Stephanie (iSanctuary's other co-founder) come up with the idea to start a business with the ultimate goal of ending human trafficking?
    International Sanctuary is Stephanie’s vision to empower survivors of trafficking. After learning about human trafficking from reading a magazine article, she knew something had to be done. She sold everything and moved to India to work with girls in the red light area. She saw the need for economic empowerment for survivors of trafficking. Though rescues were being made, there was little to no hope for them in their future. Through her sacrifice, living in India for 8 years, working with the girls, the jewelry line was developed. Girls who have been working with us since day one are now living on their own, supporting themselves, and pursuing higher education. This would not have been possible without the realization of Stephanie’s dream.

    2. How does iSanctuary work toward that goal?
    iSanctuary is focused on growing our new brand Purpose which just launched September 2014. www.purposejewelry.orgPurpose is a brand beyond a fashion brand. It not only brings hope, dignity, and transformation to girls rescued from modern day slavery, but it empowers the consumer to have the ability to make a difference in the world through their everyday purchases. Purchase with Purpose®. The more we sell, the more girls and women we will be able to help. 

    3. Did you ever imagine that you would be working in the line of work that you're in? If not, what was your dream job growing up that you were pursuing?
    Upon my return from living in Cambodia, I dreamed of one day having a non-profit, but I never imagined it would actually happen. It’s been the most difficult, rewarding, journey of my life, next to having my daughter. 

    4. Where do you want iSanctuary to be in 5 years down the road?
    By 2020, we will establish 10 sanctuaries in various countries throughout the world. Through healthy workplace communities, girls and women are empowered and transformed into survivors, fueled by loyal advocates who are inspired by our purpose, the beauty of our fashion, and those who created it.We are currently exploring the opportunity of expanding to Mexico. Additional sanctuaries in India will be launched and potentially in the Philippines and Cambodia. iSanctuary works together with other anti-trafficking partners to ensure survivors receive all they need for their future. Rescues, shelters, and social work are critical components to our ability to serve survivors. We will expand to areas where we are able to collaborate with like minded organizations.

    Wendy and her co-founders have started a great organization and we love to support it. Not to mention, the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! Who knows...maybe one day you'll see their products on the N&V site....

    Want to learn more about human trafficking and how you can stop it? Learn more HERE.

    For more information on iSanctuary and to be in the loop on their products, follow them on Instagram (@iSanctuary) and on Facebook!

    XO Saphira

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