We all need a little pick me up from time to time. It's human nature. Another situation we're always in? Knowing someone with a birthday coming up or having to thank someone and not having ANY IDEA what to get them. This week's Kick-Ass Woman has set out to fix that. Enter Jordan Jones, the lovely blonde behind Packed Party. Need a gift but don't really want to think about what it is? Know someone who just broke up with their boyfriend and needs a hug, but you're on the other side of the country? Packed Party solves that. Jordan created a company that let's you legitimately send a party in a box (hence the name!) to anyone you want. Pick the theme and you're good to go! It will arrive in its signature navy blue box with some surprise contents in it. Jordan gave me the low-down on how Packed Party started and where we can expect it to go:



    1. Where did the idea to create "Packed Party" come from? It's so new, yet makes you think, "Man, why didn't someone think of this sooner??" 

    The idea to create Packed Party came to me in the middle of the night strangely enough. I had moved to San Francisco without knowing a soul and called my mom sort of upset with my situation of being in a new city and without many people I knew. I don't get upset too often and my parents are definitely sort of "tough-love" with my brother and I, so she said, "you're having a Pity Party, just go to bed." Reluctantly I agreed, and made my way to bed fairly early still upset. I awoke a  few hours later from a dream and with the idea of sending yourself an actual Pity Party or being able to send a packaged "party for one". I'm a bit of a shameless home body too, so of course the idea of throwing a party for myself on my couch sounded pretty fabulous. I'm someone who doesn't really do things half- speed which can be terrible and great, but in this situation it was the reason Packed Party is what it is today. I immediately created a business plan, sold it to my Dad, my initial investor, and started running with the idea convincing vendors that Packed Party was the future of care packages and gift giving. I think there may in fact be a tiny mobster inside me at times. My friends all call me a hustler and it cracks me up because I don't feel like I am, I'm just a do-er. I say I'm going to do it and it's happening. My website went up just 4 short months later once all my inventory was in and Packed Party was up and running out of a garage. 


    2. The names of your boxes... so cool! Where did you come up with the names for the boxes? 

    Thank you! We initially launched with five packages and I came up with all the names sort of the week after I put Packed Party into full force. I knew the general themes I wanted the first packages to be that night, but I really wanted them to feel personal to me. I call my friends "bebs" (a better version of a babe) all the time so Birthday Beb seemed like a really natural fit. Miss You Bitch was a bit of a more difficult sell to my Dad at the time, but he decided to let me take a chance with it. Both the Miss You Bitch and our Birthday Beb packages are ironically enough our top-sellers and were the two names people questioned me on most. Both names I had to explain a bit in the beginning, so definitely a lesson to always go with your gut. The others of course were again playing off the themes of the packages and party being thrown. I came up with all of the names for the packages and wrote all of the poems inside the packages myself, so they're all really personal and authentic. I think my voice really comes through in the packages names and poems. I've had breakups, I've had really crappy days, basically I've celebrated every party we sell in some form or another, so I treated the packages the way I would talk to a friend. 



    3. Your boxes seem to be based around being a strong woman who doesn't need anyone to rely on a boyfriend, etc to get by. What do you think classifies a strong, independent woman? 

    Great question! I think so many times we define ourselves by other people. It's incredibly easy to compare yourself to someone else or live up to someone else's standards in today's society and especially through social media, so to me, it's really important to send that message through our packages that you can start the party for yourself. It's empowering to think hey, I want that Birthday Beb package, my birthday is next week, I'm sending it to myself and thats okay, heck, we want it to feel normal! My sort of motto is if you don't celebrate you then who will? Confidence is key.


    4. Looking on how far Packed Party has come, where do you see it going it in the future? 

    I keep goals of where I want to be in six months, and another year, some of them seem really crazy, and others seem really attainable with hard work. It's funny, some of my "crazy" goals or ideas six months ago are realities today, so that's somewhat reassuring I suppose! I definitely have plans to keep expanding our line of packages and move into different demographics down the road. I can't tell you everything though, this is after all a company based on the element of surprise.



    5. What's your personal favorite Packed Party?! // What's your personal favorite item in the packs? 

    That's sort of like asking which one of my parents is my favorite - Ha! I can't really just point to one and say yep, that's the one, it's my favorite, because all of our packages are based off things I have experienced an want to celebrate. Sometimes I'll catch myself smiling at the Pity Party because it's the package that kicked this journey off for me. I love the fact that Packed Party made it possible to send yourself a physical Pity Party when there was no such thing, that's cool to me.


    Is it bad that I want to order myself a Packed Party? I think I'd be way too jealous of someone else if I ordered one for them!! Jordan has created a perfect solve to any ever-growing question and put a fun (and kick-ass!) twist on it. Go get your party on!


    Follow the Packed Party adventures online!

    -Instagram: @packedparty

    -Snapchat: @teampackedparty



    XO Saphira

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