Hey ladies! We hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Quick shameless promotion here… our new arrivals hit the site yesterday! If you’re looking for the perfect beach-inspired outfit, we’ve got you covered! Some of my personal favorites are the vintage white swimsuit and the Hawaiian Dress.


    [[Nikita and Vesper's Stunning White Swimsuit]]


    But now on to the real reason you’re reading this. Working in NYC, I’ve realized my outfit has to be able to go from day to night in a hot second. From work to press events (or to happy hour…), I’ve always got to be ready to go. I’ve complied a quick list of things you can do to spice up your work outfit for a stylish evening out.


    Swap your lipstick color: I barely wear lipstick to work and if I do, it’s a neutral color. It’s amazing how much lipstick changes an entire outfit. Before you leave the office, apply a bright-color lipstick (I love bright pinks, but The Lip Bar has basically any color you could imagine – anyone up for purple?!) You’ll instantly look like you’re ready to mingle, instead of rule the boardroom


    [[Pink Bikini by The Lip Bar]]


    Change your shoes: I know I’m not the only one who has a pile of shoes under her desk. One of the staples under there: a statement going-out shoe. Right now, I’m loving color block shoes (Check out these from Nordstrom… and they’re on sale! #nsale). If you’re going the colorful route, make sure it’s a statement color that matches the color pallet of your usual work attire. That way, you won’t be stuck with a clashing outfit while you’re out and about.

    [[BP. 'Xenia" Pointy Toe Pump by Nordstrom]]


     Let your hair down: Most women spend their workdays with their hair in a ponytail or a bun. Let it down when you go out! If your hair was in a bun, you’ll have some awesome waves in your hair and you can easily tell people you curled it. You may not notice a big difference in your appearance, but you’ll look completely different to your coworkers who only see you with your hair pulled back.


    These are just some quick and simple ways to go from day to night. Would I recommend these if you’re going from work to a black-tie event? Probably not! But these certainly work for when you’re going out to happy hour with the girls from work after a day full of meetings :)

    Do you have any quick ways to go from day to night? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting at us @NikitaAndVesper!


    XO Saphira

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