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    Sorry to deviate from the usual how-to posts that usually pop up here on Tuesdays, but this is too good to miss.

    You all know how Kelsey, our AMAZING Creative Director is a phenomenal artist, and that she draws all of the images on our phone cases. Well, she also does street art. And by street art, I mean full-size drawings with paint pens on the side of buildings. That type of street art.

    Her most recent piece is located in Nolita in NYC, on the side of L'asso (the corner of Kenmare and Mott). After 6 hours of work in scorching heat, the most beautiful pair of wings was created. It's an interactive piece, and hundreds of people have been taking pictures infront of it and posting them to Instagram, using the hashtag #whatliftsyou. I highly recommend you go check some of the pictures out. 


    The wings! Drawn by Kelsey Montague.

    Another bonus to her piece? The entire N&V team was together for the first time. Kathleen, our fashion intern, had never actually met Kelsey and Courtney. We shared a fun evening sharing stories, good wine, and tons of pictures in front of a piece with Kelsey's biggest supporters. Check out some of them below!

    [[The team is FINALLY united!]]


    [[Kelsey doing one of many rounds of photos in front of the wings]]


    If you're in the NYC area, take a trip downtown and give our Creative Director some love by posting a picture of you in front of the wings [[make sure you tag @NikitaAndVesper AND @KelseyMontagueArt and #whatliftsyou]]. Who knows....maybe your picture will show up on here next week!

    XO Saphira




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