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    With Summer less than 2 weeks away, we can start getting a little more playful in our makeup and outfit choices. Add in a good chunk of time spent at the pool or beach, and it's an amazing 3 months. One of the trends that seems to not be disappearing is the idea of temporarily dying your hair. I fully support a good salon coloring, but for the summer months, it's nice to be able to put a streak of color in for a day, whether it's to match your sundress, or to look a little more festive at a party (Especially useful with 4th of July right around the corner -- helloooo Red, White, and Blue streak!!)
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    We've scrounged the Internet to find some of the best (and easy) ways to add that pop of color to your locks. Grab your girlfriends and let the coloring begin!!
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    1. Chalk-- the key to use chalk is to wet your hair if you have dark hair, and keep it dry if you have light hair. Rub some chalk on the section you want and voila!
    2. Kool-aid -- this one is more tricky. It requires more time and is alittle messy. Victoria Hudgins from A Subtle Revelry does a great explanation though! 
    3. Highlighter -- simple. Color your hair with a highlighter! Just maybe not in your next meeting when you're bored...
    RANDOM THOUGHT: WE ADDED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Want to know how to style vintage or to do some of these cool how-tos? Go check it out!! 
    Have you tried temporarily dying your hair before? Are you going to rock some color this weekend? Snap a picture and show us! --> Instagram: @NikitaAndVesper and #sexygood #sexyhair
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