Friday has arrived again and you know what that means -- a new kick-ass woman! It’s definitely become my favorite day of the week. Today, we’re introducing one of my FAVORITE bloggers. Drum roll please…. introducing Maggie Winterfeldt Clark, the lovely blond behind The Editorialite!

    Maggie writes about basically anything and everything on her blog. Food, gifts, fashion, health. Legitamately everything. And it’s all written in the best voice ever. Funny, but completely down to earth, Maggie sure knows what she’s doing. (Her journalism degree and career obviously reiterate that!). I got to ask the lovely lady some questions about her life, her blog, and her beyond kick-ass fashion sense. Enjoy!

    1. Your profession (and college degree) is in journalism, and I know that you write for the San Francisco Chronicle. What made you want to start your own blog, in addition to your pieces in the paper?

    I actually got my undergraduate degree in Political Science from Vanderbilt and had a short-lived stint in fashion marketing after graduation (I wasn't very good at it) before transitioning into fashion journalism. I have a master’s degree in journalism, or, more specifically, a Masters of Mass Communication with a focus in journalism, from the University of South Carolina, which I pursued after working in the journalism field for several years because I wanted to expand my repertoire beyond print to include multimedia journalism.

    To answer your question, I started the blog because...

    As a lifestyle journalist, I have extraordinary access to incredible products, people and information. My job is quite literally my girlhood fantasy come to life; I get to spend hours playing with makeup, styling clothes, comparing skincare products and talking to fascinating people. My blog is a place for me to share my surplus of knowledge in a format that’s more personal and playful than the traditional journalism outlets I contribute to; for example there’s not a lot of room in traditional journalism for first-person writing (my favorite kind), but, on my blog, I can get as candid, silly or gritty as I want when sharing my favorite facial moisturizer (I’m obsessed with oils right now), gushing about my latest fitness addiction (I just tried an indoor surfing class—it was awesome!) or fashion trend I’m digging (I wrote “I’m Bringing Turbans Back,” a post about the stylish hat alternative, to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”). On The Editorialite, I can be completely myself while creating pithy posts designed to entertain and inform readers during the five minutes they have to browse the web amid a busy day.

    2. Your posts are absolutely phenomenal -- so many different topics that are so relevant to basically any woman! What's your favorite topic (fashion, beauty, health, etc.) to write about? What makes it different than the rest?

    One of the reasons I love blogging is that I can wake up in the morning, open my computer and start typing about whatever is on my mind that day, be it what to wear to that wedding I have coming up or how to deal with the creases that have formed above my eyebrows. And, more often than not, these are the same issues my readers are dealing with. Everything on the blog is coming directly out of my life, so the mix of topics is just a natural reflection of my interests--which, I’ve noticed, have evolved as I’ve grown up. When I was first starting out, I lived and breathed fashion. My posts were the fashion version of inside baseball (think 200 words describing the drape of an organza ruffle), and, frankly, not fun to read unless you were as obsessed as me. Now that I’m a grown woman and wife in my late twenties, I still love fashion, but I’m also interested in living an all around healthy, happy, chic life. If I had to choose my favorite topic du jour, I would say fitness. The San Francisco fitness industry is as creative and entrepreneurial as the city’s tech industry, and since moving here two years ago I’ve been able to try a plethora of far-out, sometimes kooky, workouts. Nothing is more rewarding than when my encyclopedic knowledge of Bay Area workout offerings helps a woman discover a fitness class that truly resonates with her.


    3. You obviously have a strong passion for fashion, whether its red-carpet style or your own. What's your go-to outfit?

    My go-to outfit has definitely become more relaxed since I moved to the West Coast! In Charleston, South Carolina a sundress was de rigeur for everything from running errands to going out to dinner, but, in San Francisco, women rarely wear heels let alone a dress. I tried to fight this at first, but teetering down a vertical sidewalk on a typically frigid San Francisco evening in 4” heels and a frilly frock is neither practical nor fun.  At the moment, my go-to outfit is casual chic and perfect for San Francisco! It's a white ASOS boyfriend blazer over a white Rag & Bone V-neck tee paired with distressed AG Adriano Goldschmied Legging Ankle Jeans and an Hermes “H” buckle belt (a steal I found at a local consignment shop) {← thumbs up for vintage shopping!!} I love to add a pop of color with a pair of brightly hued pointed toe flats or sandals. For even more color, I’ll add a strong lip. Tom Ford Lip Color in Violet Fatale is a standout color that really flatters my green eyes.


    4. Boston-born, southern-educated, and now your in Cali. You've been all over the place. Which area is the best? (Honest opinion!) What's it like moving to the west-coast?


    Moving to the San Francisco was a challenge! I’ve lived up and down the East Coast and away from my hometown of Boston for a long time, so when we talked about moving to San Francisco, it seemed like just another move. I didn’t comprehend how many thousands of miles I would be separated from family and friends and how isolated I would feel. It took a year for me to really warm up to San Francisco, but, like any place I’ve lived, the experience is mostly about the people around you and the friends you make. As a rule, I try to not judge a new city until I’ve lived in it for a full year, because that’s how long it takes to build meaningful friendships. Good, bad or ugly, I’ve learned that the experience of moving outside my comfort zone can only make me grow. I doubt that I’ll be in San Francisco for the rest of my life, but, as I approach my two year anniversary in the city, I’m full of gratitude for all the new friends and exciting opportunities I’ve had as a result of moving here. Down the road, I would love to move back to the Southeast to Charleston, South Carolina. I love the city’s friendly people, warm weather, swimmable beaches and delicious food. It doesn’t get any better than that for me.


    Isn’t she lovely? To check all of her posts, pop on over to her blog and scope her rockin’ outfits on her Instagram → @theeditorialite

    Have a kick-ass weekend!

    XO Saphira​

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