If you read our blog before, you’ll have noticed that each of them is signed by the author, yet  it’s done in two names. It will have one name, and then an AKA …. Ever wonder why that is?

    Here at N&V, we’re all about alter egos. Everyone has that dream persona that they would love to be. It may be far reaching, but who cares! It’s your dream. We all need that little push every once in a while to step out of the box and continue to grow and change. We thought we would share with you where each of the names came from!

    Nikita (AKA Courtney Montague- Co-Founder): I chose the name Nikita because, growing up I loved to watch 'La Femme Nikita' with Peta Wilson. I loved Nikita's fierce style, fearless on-screen life and courageous compassionate choices in often impossible situations.  To me she embodied style, strength, heart and who I wanted to become (minus the whole assassin part of course!).

    Vesper (AKA Kelsey Montague- Co-Founder): My alter ego is Vesper - the female spy from Ian Fleming's novel 'Casino Royale'. The french actress Eva Green recently played her in one of the James Bond films. For me, she's the first Bond girl who was classy, intelligent, composed and strong. She handled each situation with style and wit. Whenever I get nervous or I'm facing a hard situation, I think of Vesper and how she would handle herself under stress and pressure. ♡

    Saphira (AKA Amanda Adsit- Associate Editor): Saphira was the name of the dragon in the book Eragon. Firstly, she loves water and I grew up always doing some sort of water sport. Also, she has such a distinct and powerful personality. She’s not afraid to tell it how it is, which is something I struggle with. While she’s blunt, she is also extremely caring and would do anything to protect her loved ones. This combination is sometime I strive for and would love to embody.

    Lilly (AKA Kathleen Varello- Fashion Marketing Intern): My alter ego is Lilly. I chose my alter ego to be named Lilly for many reasons but the main reason is that my absolute favorite movie and disney story is Peter Pan- I am actually a Disney addict. When I was younger I loved Tiger Lilly. I loved the way she danced, her hair, and her courage. When I  was younger I would sing and dance the songs she sang all around my house in a long dress pretending to be her. Lilly, to me, represents beauty, innocence, courage and strength.

    So there you have it! The N&V team in the alter ego world. All so different, yet I would say that we make a pretty kick-ass team.

    Do you have an alter ego?! Let us know! We want to know who inspires you and gives you that extra push to get out there and show the world what you’ve got.

    xo The Entire N&V Team

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