We go crazy for small business that have two major characteristics: 1. Their products are sustainable and eco-friendly and 2. They give back in some way. Keeping in mind those two things, we would love to introduce Lindsey Michaelree, a founder of Cut and Burn. Lindsey and her husband, Jeffrey, took their desire to create a great product with a strong, giving mission behind it and Cut and Burn was born!

    Obviously, Cut and Burn is one of those companies that we adore. It goes along with the whole “great minds think alike” idea. They have a similar mission to N&V and we love it! That’s why we basically shrieked when Lindsey agreed to give us the low-down in how her and her husband came up with such a brilliant idea.

    What is Cut & Burn? How did you and your husband decide to get into the business?

    We came up with the name Cut & Burn when we first started experimenting with a laser-cutter. We quickly came to find a lot of other trades or similarities that can relate to the name. Since we are from the desert we ended up adopting a cactus to represent “Cut” and a sun to represent “Burn.” For years we have enjoyed working creatively together, we just recently decided to create a business.


    What is the mission behind the brand? You guys are devoted to good products, right?

    We are a small company devoted to creative and sustainable products. It’s our mission to create not only a sleek, modern product, but also a product that is safe and functional. We also are passionate about giving back. We created a one-for-one sunglass campaign called “Shades for the Shadeless.” For every pair of shades sold, we will donate to a person in need.


    Since it's inception, how has the company grown and where do you guys see it going?

    Currently we have our online store and are in a couple local boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona.

    We would love to be incorporated into an online marketplace or curated shop as well.


    How does your own personal style influence the products you guys create?

    We both have a very particular style. I am strongly influenced from classic modern designs. I love bold colors, thin fonts, and believe less is always more. Jeff loves all kinds of music, hip-hop, and street style. We both love and enjoy all medias of art, and types of materials. I grew up competitively dancing and Jeff enjoyed skateboarding, I think both of these past times have stuck with us and what we create.


    If you could create one product for your line that doesn't already exist, what would it be?

    We both really have a love for modern furniture and have created pieces for ourselves. Eventually we would love to be able to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces for customers to purchase.

    Ahhh, so perfect. Lindsey and Jeffrey, we applaud you for creating such an innovative and good brand! Not to mention, the little kiddos featuring your children’s sunglasses are way too cute!!

    Want more of Cut and Burn? Check them out online, on FB, and on Instagram at @cutburn!

    Hope all of you sexy ladies have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Saphira (aka Amanda)

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