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    One of the ultimate beauty questions is “how do I make my lips look fuller?!” Our lips are one of those things that are always with us, and we want them to look their best, whether it’s in a natural way, or with some help from our trusted makeup bag. One way I would love to avoid is the botox/surgery route -- I definitely cannot rock the super-puffed lips look (Even though I would do anything to have Angelina Jolie lips….)

    I scourged some of our favorite bloggers and found a few tips on how to achieve those big, bold lips, without spending some big bucks.

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    A super simple way: wear a lighter shade of lipstick. While darker lips do come and go in regards to what’s popular, a lighter shade will make your pukers look bigger than a darker shade. They also reflect light better!

    If you’re looking for a few-step process, check out the tips below that I absolutely love from The Beauty Department:

    1. Outline right outside of your lip with a pencil that is just a tad darker than your normal lip color

    2. Fill in your entire lip area with the pencil

    3. Go over all that you just did with whatever lipstick or lipgloss you chose!

    Tutorial by The Beauty Department

    By making that outline just outside of your lip area, you add just a tiny bit of extra area to your lips, making them look bigger. Also, the filling in entire lip with the pencil then applying your lipstick, it’s going to create a different texture on your lips, making them look more full than they normally are.


    Next time you’re getting ready, try some of these tips! And don’t forget to tag us in those selfies you’re going to take before you go out :) Instagram: @NikitaAndVesper

    xx Saphira X
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