Ahh… one of the most difficult parts of fashion. You just bought an amazingly sexy new pair of heels, with a heel that makes every girl envious of you. Now, you just have to figure out how to walk in them without taking any serious falls. Here are some things for you to consider before taking them out for a night on the town!

    1. The heel thickness: the thicker the heel, the more stable the shoe is. Luckily, chunky heels are coming back in style, so no more wobbling for you! ^^^

    2. Kitten heels: Major style comeback here. The notorious low-heel shoe has made its way back to runaways and we cannot get enough of them ^^^

    3. Boot heels: With spring here, the weather is still nippy enough out that you can rock boots with your skirt. Boots tend to have a chunkier heel (see #1), so you’ll have no problem in them. ^^^

    For those of you who are in love with the stiletto look, below are some tips on how to make those work. For a more in depth look at how to pull them off, check out Sarah’s post over on Yes and Yes.

    1. Practice: Practice makes perfect here. Take those puppies for a stroll around your house a few times and get the feel of them.

    (image by Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images) 

    2. Stand tall: Make sure your posture is perfect when you wear heels. If you’re hunched over, your center of gravity is going to be all out of wack and you’re going to feel like tumbling each time you take a step.

    3. Brace those abs: You’ll be more stable (and have better posture) if you keep your abs engaged when you walk. It also helps if you work your core when you’re at the gym to build a stronger midsection (not to mention -- bikini season is around the corner! Killing two birds with one stone there)

    The most important thing about rockin’ your heels is to feel sexy and great in them! Show your confidence to the world in your favorite pair!

    xo Saphira
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