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    We are so happy to announce that we have partnered up with Indego Africa, featuring some of their gorgeous, sexy, and socially responsible jewelry on our site! Indego Africa is a company that has been making huge strides in providing sexy, good fashion to ladies throughout the world, while having a significant impact on the lives of the artisans. I was able to probe the head of Brittany Barb, the Sales and Branding Associate, about what the company is about and where they will be heading to in the future!

    1. Could you briefly give an overview of what Indego Africa does and its impact?

    We are a lifestyle brand & nonprofit social enterprise that supports women in Rwanda through economic empowerment and education. We partner with cooperatives of female artisans, and sell their beautifully handcrafted products worldwide. We then pool 100% of our profits, along with grants and donations, to fund job skills training programs for our artisan partners so that they can flourish as independent businesswomen.


    2. How has the company grown since its beginning?

    When we started in 2007, the sewing cooperative Cocoki was our only partner. Now, seven years later, we partner with 18 cooperatives and over 600 women across Rwanda! We are always looking to partner with new cooperatives and to expand the raw materials and artisan skills that go into making our jewelry, home décor, and accessories lines.


    3. The brand has been able to partner with some huge companies recently, such as Anthropologie and Google (which is AWESOME!). How beneficial has that been?

    Super beneficial! They have helped us widen our exposure and establish ourselves as a design-driven, socially conscious brand. Plus we always love the opportunity to collaborate with major companies and blend their design aesthetic with our own.


    4. Where do you envision Indego Africa going in the future?

    Well, we already have some awesome plans in store including launching a Leadership Academy for our artisan partners in Rwanda, and expanding into a new country! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on those exciting initiatives. Overall, we hope to continue to strengthen our brand with new unique, handcrafted products and to provide more opportunities for women across Africa.

    Indego Africa completely embodies the type of brand that we want to bring to you! Make sure you hop on over to our shop to check out the awesomeness that is their products. Grab yourself a set of bangles or rings to start spring off on the right note!

    xx Saphira (aka Amanda)

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