• 5 Beauty Secrets of the French Woman

    We've all wondered, what makes french women so mysterious, elusive and absolutely beautiful. Here's 5 tips we've uncovered to reveal that french secret:

    1.) Follow the french diet -- The french approach. Their meals are completely different. Start your day with a small breakfast, a LARGE lunch, and a small dinner. And be sure you’re taking your time when eating.

    2.) Stick to the classics -- You won’t find a French woman carrying a retro bag or outlandish shoes. Classic handbags and solid pumps and ballet flats are the go-to accessories.

    3.) Embrace black -- Black clothing just adds to the sleek and sexiness of the French attire. Not to mention, black makes everyone look good. 

    4.) Don’t flaunt it (too much!) -- Blended pieces and colors add to the subtle poise that seems to spread through the water over there.

    5.) Clean faces -- Pull back the wardrobe of any french woman and there is still a commonality between all of them: great skin! Make sure you’re sticking to a strong skin routine, complete with exfoliating and moisturizing, and don’t apply too much makeup!


    All in all, go simple, classic colors & cuts and take care of that skin.

    xx Saphira (aka Amanda) 


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