Hidden Baby believes that babies have rights - the right to grow and thrive, the right to live and learn in safe, loving environments. And yet, babies are the most vulnerable and the most invisible members of the human family.

They cannot speak for themselves... they cannot demand their rights.

The first three years of life represent the most critical stage in human development. These are the years when a baby's brain learns the vital skills that will impact the remainder of his or her life - from learning speech and language, to the ability to navigate life's problems and form relationships with others.

When babies are denied these critical stages of growth, through malnutrition, neglect or abuse, their brains do not develop normally. They often face a lifetime of cognitive, physical, emotional and social difficulties.

A portion of our profits each year will be donated to our partners- organizations devoted to helping babies-in-need.


Baby's Space is dedicated to speaking for babies.

Founded in 1998 by child psychologist Dr. Terrie Rose, Baby's Space is committed to supplying babies' critical needs because "research tells us what every baby already knows: that loving consistent relationships, and nurturing, intentional environments are the building blocks of emotional health and academic success."  
Baby's Space is providing babies with these building blocks by creating safe, nurturing environments in some of America's most impoverished neighborhoods.
“When a baby is in a traumatic environment their brain structure changes, some sections turn off. That is your Hidden Baby. Babies are literally hiding inside to stay alive. Development is being compromised by a baby's need to stay alive." Dr. Terrie Rose
Hidden Baby has partnered with Baby's Space and will donate a portion of the profits from each bag we sell to their Baby's Space initiatives. Our initial donations will be used to provide scholarships for babies to come to their safe, educational and friendly day-care facilities.