Kelsey Montague

Kelsey spent her university years studying art at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy, and graduated summa cum laude from Richmond International University in London with both British and American degrees in Creative Arts & Communications.

An independent filmmaker, she has produced five short films, including a documentary about orphanage volunteers in Kenya. Her films have been featured on public television, and have won awards at international film festivals.

A conceptual artist who specializes in pen & ink ‘drawings-within-drawings’, Kelsey’s work has been exhibited in public and private shows in London and NYC. After visiting Haiti with her sister following the 2010 earthquake, she created a series of drawings for a traveling exhibit to raise funds for Haiti survivors. Her art is included in a number of private collections, including Norman Rockwell’s son, Jarvis Rockwell.

And then came Hidden Baby…

Soon after returning from Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, Kelsey and her sister were spending a weekend at home in Colorado, and the talk turned to dreams and goals.

We want to work together, was the immediate consensus. To combine our love of art, fashion blogs and fashion, with our passion for helping the helpless.

After a year-and-a-half of designing, developing, blogging and praying, the dream became a reality and Hidden Baby was born (apologize for the pun)!