Pumpkins are by far one of my favorite things about fall (helloooo #NVfavoritesoffall). The best part about them? Carving them. Call it childish but I still love my annual pumpkin carving. Yes, it's messy. Yes, it can be a pain. However, it's a tradition and I'm about to bring you some kick-ass themes you can go off of when thinking about carving your own. Just make sure you have some newspaper down before you make a mess on the table or carpet. 

    Scary: Wanna go classic? This is for you. Mimic Jack the Skeleton/ The Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas for an awesome pumpkin face. Some other examples are below. 


    Pretty: Halloween doesn't have to be scary. If you want a more girly pumpkin or to make it look like you have unique carving skills go with some of these: flowers, leaves, and intricate dots.


    Painting: Not exactly carving, but recently painting pumpkins has become a big trend. Most recently, I've seen black and white popping up everywhere. Give it a shot!

    [Country Living]

    Ready to start hacking away? Show up! Post your pumpkin on Twitter or Instagram and tag us --> @NikitaAndVesper and #NVfavoritesoffall. 

    XO Saphira

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