Hey ladies! It's absolutely crazy that another week has gone by and it's already mid-October? We're already thinking about holiday time around here (and we have some awesome product coming in!). However, with Halloween around the corner, we're definitely working on our costumes and putting the final touches on our plans. Looking for Halloween inspiration? Check out one of our recent posts on how to have a vintage halloween.

    One of the major things we love about fall? All of the fall flavors in foods. For some reason, once the temperature starts to drop, I tend to be in the kitchen more than usual. I'm not creative enough to come up with my own recipes, but this week's Kick-Ass Women always has new recipes on her blog, so I'm never stuck in a rut. Introducing the fabulous Lindsay Ostrom, the chef behind Pinch of Yum. Not to mention, she's the perfect person to go to if you're looking to start a food blog (+ the tips work for basically any type of blog too). Lindsay and her husband are the duo behind Food Blogger Pro - your go-to site for how to start a food blog. She even shares how much money she makes from her blog! I asked her a few questions about how she got started and even got the inside scoop on some of her favorite easy recipes. 

    1. How did you decide to enter the blogging world and take it up full time? The inspiration for the blog came after my husband and I got married. Cooking became a more significant part of my life when I actually had someone to eat my food! I’ve always enjoyed food but it was during those early married years that I really started to try more things in the kitchen and get excited about not just the eating but the cooking as well. Full time blogging was never a dream that I had when I started my blog - I don’t even think I really understood that that was a “thing”. We just wanted to create a space and a hobby that would allow me to document my kitchen adventures.

    1. I've always wanted to know... how many times does it take to get a recipe to a level where you want to share it on the blog? Sometimes once - if it's something pretty forgiving. But usually at least twice, and every once in a while I need four or five attempts.

    1. While your blog is predominately a food blog, what made you want to branch out and start helping others start their own blogs? You even started a separate business just to help others out! My husband has always been interested in business, personal finance, marketing, the internet in general... so it was a fun way for us to work together on the blog. We also found that there weren't a ton of resources when we first started and we wanted to help make the road easier for others while trying to find out if it was possible to make a living from a food blog.

    1. What's some quick tips you can offer to our readers who struggle with having time to cook full homemade, healthy meals at home? I feel like that's always such a struggle for most families. Rice bowls, pasta, and salads! Those are three main go-tos that can work with just about any ingredients and come together super quickly!

    Looking for more recipes that make you want to run to the kitchen? Follow Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum on Facebook.

    Now we have a question for you: what are some of your favorite fall recipes? Post in the comments!

    XO Saphira

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