It seems completely unreal that we’ve been doing this Kick-Ass Women series for 15 weeks now! Time really does fly…

    This week, we’re super excited to share with you a woman behind a site that we love. Introducing Meagan Hooper, the Founder of bSmart Guide, a community platform where female entrepreneurs and businesswomen can find tools and tips to help them succeed and connect with other women. Meagan took her extremely impressive resume (helloooo Chief Operating Officer!) and put it to work helping other women move through their careers. So obviously, we were pumped to ask her some questions about her work and her great fashion sense!


    [[All photo credit is given to Willis Roberts]]

    1. What made you want to create bSmart Guide? Can you give our readers a quick run-down of what it is?

    I created bSmartGuide.com because I was looking for a community of women I could learn from, connect with, and promote my brand within a supportive environment.  While I had a number of successes in my 20s including a quick succession of job promotions, raises, and a successful marriage - I was still craving a connection with other women, a venue to share advice, learn from each other's life experiences, create new and meaningful relationships, and also promote my career goals all at the same time.  Whether it's a new business or part-time hobby - every one has something they want to share with the world. bSmart let's you do that.

    There are 5 ways you can learn, connect, and promote your brand on bSmart:  
    1. Tell us about yourself! Create a profile with pictures, your twitter handle, website URL and information about yourself such as your favorite accessory!  
    2. Blog for bSmart! Share your advice with other members by blogging about your life experiences or your expertise!
    3. Interact with bSmart members! Login to share your advice with bSmart members or ask life questions such as "what are the best foods to improve my skin" and "how do I know when it's the right time to start a family?" 
    4. Spotlight your business, blog, or brand! Give your brand permanent visibility on bSmart by creating a Business Spotlight with photos, description, and links to your website!  
    5. Post your event! If you have a trunk show, book signing, speaking engagement or any event you would like to share, login to post your event and invite bSmart members!


    2. How important is it for new business owners and women looking to promote and grow their business to network and connect with women in similar situations?

    Creating a network is the secret to success in accomplishing your personal and professional goals.  While working in finance over the last 10 years, it became clear to me that the main distinction between my female friends and my male friends was that the women were not proactively creating a professional network and then leveraging that network the way men typically do.  I found that women put their head down and work hard, but don't network and don't ask, therefore they don't get.  This can leave us feeling isolated and struggling for success alone - especially as entrepreneurs.  

    The same is true for creating a personal network.  Living in a city like New York for the last 10 years I've had friends move in and out every year.  It's important to be continually building relationships to celebrate life and personal, as well as professional, successes and to also invite others to join your community when you have one.  I created bSmartGuide.com to help facilitate this community for young women to share advice, connect online and in-person, and be a forum for self-promotion.  I believe with the best knowledge, support, and platform, bSmart members can change the world!

    3. What's the most important lesson you've learned since the creation of bSmart?

    I often fall into the trap of trying to please people around me instead of doing what's best for the business and bSmart member.  While I would love to avoid conflict the rest of my life, as a business owner there are times when you have conflict and you have to ultimately do what's best for your client / member while still being considerate of the people around you.  For me, the hardest part about running a business isn't working late, making sacrifices, or taking risks - it's the fear of disappointing people around me and knowing when to do what's best for the client / member without hurting anyone's feelings.




    4. Switching gears here to fashion: Now that it's gotten warm out  (thankfully!), what trend are you excited to embrace?


    I love everything made by Alexander McQueen and would buy their entire spring / summer 2014 collection if I could afford it!  Their line is the perfect blend between structured office executive and edgy artist as seen in the shape, detail, and fabric of their clothes.  While I slowly save my pennies to buy McQueen, I finally bought a pair of my first booties (Yes - I'm always a season or two behind the trends) and scored a pair of black leather Chloe wide-heeled pointy booties on sale to wear with absolutely everything in my closet (at least that's what I keep telling myself to justify the purchase!). :)


    Look at that! You even got some tips in there as well (in addition the urge to go shop the new Alexander McQueen line…) Meagan is a great women with more experience than can fit into this post. She was also kind enough to feature us on her site as well. Make sure you go check it out HERE!

    For more of bSmart Guide’s happenings, make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter (@bSmartGuide), and Instagram (@bsmartguide).

    XO Saphira

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