For some reason, Father's Day is always a bit trickier to shop for than most holidays. My father and I are really close, yet I always find him to be the hardest person to shop for! And no matter how many times he says he doesn't want anything, I know I have to get him something to show my appreciation on Father's Day. We've compiled a little list of some quick go-to items that you can easily grab for any dad in your life.

    Father's Day gift ideas:


    1. Wallet -- my dad's wallet is always falling apart. I think because they carry it in their wallets, it gets destroyed (compared to women whom always carry it in a purse). There's no comparison to getting him a decently made wallet. It will last longer AND he'll think of you every day when he pulls it out of his pocket!

    2. Watch -- for most professions, a watch is a necessity. There's no great sneaky way to check the time in meetings otherwise. Watches can be found anywhere, and depending on if your dad likes to stay classic or keep up with trends, you'll have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. You're sure to find something just for him.

    3. Sports tickets -- is your dad a sports-loving type of guy? Grab some tickets to the local sports team. If they're not currently in season, you'll more likely get them cheaper. But if you're buying Father's Day game tickets, they might run more pricey. Yet, the experience of spending his Father's Day doing what he loves with one of his loves will be worth it.

    4. Alcohol baskets -- this idea comes solely from Pinterest. Is your father a guy who enjoys a good drink every one in awhile? Head to the liquor store and pick up some small bottles of his favorites and arrange them in a basket. It will probably look cheesy but he'll be sure to love it. Too much work? You can order them online! Google is a beautiful tool. (And definitely look around Pinterest for some pretty funny inspiration on these!)

    Hope this helps with avoiding that late Saturday night run for gifts!!

    Have you already gotten your dad a gift? What is it? Let us know on Twitter by tweeting us @NikitaAndVesper!

    XO Saphira

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