I’ll admit...I’m addicted to nail polish. It’s rare for me to not have some color on both my fingers and toes. The same pretty much goes for the entire N+V team. One of my first days at N&V, Kelsey actually took a picture of my nails because of the color and how great they looked on a N&V bag :)

    Anyway, for all of you ladies who are addicted to polish and cherish your time at the nail salon, we have a special treat for you. Introducing Sara Ricklen Alter, the CPO (Chief Polish Officer!) at Pretty Please! Never heard of Pretty Please? Well, you’re in for a surprise. Pretty Please Nail Polish lets you create your own polish, perfect for basically any occasion. You can choose from an array of colors (and she keeps adding more all the time!) AND pick the name of it! How genius is that?! Personally, I would pick a pink or purple and call it “Short Stuff”. But that’s the beauty of it! You get to pick! Another great thing… it’s really not any more expensive than the polish you buy each time you go shopping (there’s always one more color you really need…)

    Sara basically came up with the best idea ever. EVER. And I got to ask her some questions on how she came up with such a brilliant idea and what we should all be looking for in the future of nail polish (as she’s obviously going to be running the show).

    1. How on earth did you come up with the idea of creating a custom-named nail polish brand? It's an absolutely brilliant idea! Ha, thank you! The idea for Pretty Please came to me when I was looking for a unique gift for my mom. I came up with the idea to name a nail polish in her favorite color, picked out the name and assumed I could find it online. When I went to order the gift, I couldn’t find personalized nail polish anywhere! After a lot of research and planning, I decided to create the nail polish myself. Once I got the idea in my head, I knew I had to make it happen.

    With Pretty Please you can now name your own nail polish color. Yes, YOU name it!  The names are half the fun of picking out nail polish colors and now you can name your favorite shade after an occasion, a milestone, or an inside joke with your best friend.

    2. How has Pretty Please Polish grown since you started the brand?

    In the bigger picture, Pretty Please is still a baby, and watching it grow up and change has been an adventure. I started with 6 colors and as of this month, the color palette will grow to 25. Along with a full website redesign, I am rolling out online gift cards and 5 new shades. I am also in the process of creating gift sets which will be sold online and in stores.

    3. You are the CPO (Chief Polish Officer) of Pretty Please, in addition to the founder. What's the best part about owning your own business? I have such a deep love for this brand and all the opportunities it has given me. The excitement I get from watching Pretty Please grow and succeed makes me feel lucky every day. Also, making my own hours is great!

    4. Are there any nail polish colors or trends we should be on the lookout for now that summer is around the corner? With summer always comes bright shades and thanks to pantone, purple is certainly having a moment! A lot of the Pretty Please colors are classics and some of the more unique shades I chose because I thought they were fun and pretty. When you choose colors you really love, they are always in style.

    5. How do you use nail polish as an accessory to your personal style?

    Most days you can find me in a white t-shirt and jeans so I use my nails to add a pop of color to an otherwise blank canvas. It’s a simple and fun way to brighten up a look and show a sense of subtle style. A statement necklace never hurts either!

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect. So simple, yet so revolutionary. We can all expect some really big things from Sara in the future. And she’s so kick-ass, it’s unbelievable. Way to go Sara!

    Want to see her polish in action? Go follow her on FB, Instagram (@prettypleasegal), and on Twitter (@prettypleasegal)!!

    xo Saphira (AKA Amanda)

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