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    I love getting my nails done. Yet sometimes, my wallet can’t afford it. Thus, alot of the time, I’m stuck at home giving myself a manicure and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that it is one of the hardest things ever. No matter what, I always smudge them or manage to pain my cuticles or there’s uneven coloring.

    Here’s some tips to make a challenging (but necessary) job just a little easier!

    1. Take off ALL old polish (kind of an obvious one…) If you’re planning on doing your toes as well, take off your old polish on them now as well. Otherwise you’ll be stuck once your fingers dry since you don’t want to risk getting remover on your new nails!

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    2. File and buff! Pick the perfect shape for your nails (hint- they’re supposed to be shaped how your cuticles are shaped) and then buff them out with a buffer (I like those 4 sided ones you can get at basically any drug store). Buffing makes the polish go on smoother!

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    3. Push/Cut/Clean up your cuticles. While you’re out buying a buffer, get a wooden cuticle stick to keep on hand. Put some lotion (or cuticle cream) on your cuticles to soften them up and push those babies back!

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    4. Apply a base coat. Probably one of the most important steps. Base coats allow for the polish to go on easier, as well as preventing any polish from staining your nails.

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    5. Apply two coats to all fingers EXCEPT YOUR THUMBS. Use your thumbs to clean any polish off that happened to get on your finger instead of your nail. It’s a lifesaver.

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    6. Apply a topcoat to those 8 fingers (I’m in love with Seche Vite -- it makes your nails shiny and they dry in about half the time. No joke). Once again, clean any mistakes up with your thumbs. Let those dry.

    7. Repeat 5+6 on your thumbs!

    pic by Lauren Conrad

    Voila! You’re ready for a night on the town (with your sexy N&V accessories, of course!). And if you’re pulling on a pair on open toe sandals, give your toes a nice makeover too. Just make sure your fingers are completely dry first!

    Just give yourself a fresh new manicure or pedicure? We want to see! Instagram it to us @NikitaAndVesper and #sexygood and #sexypolish

    xo Saphira
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    • Julie Khuu says...

      Love the candy-colored stripe action! So fresh and apropos for spring!

      Peace. Love. LOL!

      Haute Khuuture Blog

      On May 20, 2014

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